Zip lining and Bungee Jumping




South Africa

Bungee jumping 

Sagana, Kenya

Jinja, Uganda

Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing is a life altering experience. Climbing is a great challenge and may at times be dangerous. With the challenge it is also very rewarding to conduct. The sense of accomplishment upon reaching the summit and the panoramic views up on reaching the summit. One gets to experience nature in its purest form. Thorough preparation, knowledge and skill are essential to undertake the adventure.

It will push you to your limit and give you a new perspective. You see it happen all the time where people encounter a brush with danger or are required to work together to overcome a challenge

There are many different types of climbing. There is hiking on the lower elevation mountains, traditional climbing on the moderate elevation mountains, scaling rock walls of mountains, climbing through snow and ice, climbing glaciers and alpine trekking.

With expert guides to assist you as you scale we offer you the best in mountaineering experiences.

Sky Adventures

Sky diving

Diani, Kenya



Kerio Valley, Kenya

Cape town, South Africa

Hot air balloon

 Maasai Mara

Water sports

Canoeing and Kayaking


Zambezi River

Deep sea diving / snorkeling

Diani, Kenya

Kisite Mpunguti, Kenya




Durban, South Africa

On wheels

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