Booking for : 1 Day Team Building in Nairobi and its environs

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1 Day Team Building in Nairobi and its environs

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  • Customized to meet organisational need
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8:00 am Pick up,Central Location

Location of pick up determined by the organization.

9:30am, Arrival at Destination

Settling and AM tea.

10:00am ,Ice Breaker

The aim of ice breaker is to welcome, warm up, reduce the awkwardness and get the blood flowing.

10:45am,Activity I(Acid walk)

You are given an area which is considered acid or dangerous to walk on but you need to travel that distance to reach the other end. You can take the help of your team member by walking on a brick or stool along with the help of your partner. This develops excellent synchronization and understanding between the two people and which in turn makes you travel faster covering the distance. This game requires a lot of cooperation between the players and helps build trust too.

11:20am,Activity 2(Cobweb)

The entire team has to make its way from one side of the spider’s web, which is made out of duct tapes, to the other side without touching any part of the “web” and without using the same gap twice. It is fun and brings in a lot of laughter and team spirit when everyone comes together to the success of their team

12 noon,Mid session Debrief

Team gets a chance to discuss and share their experience from morning activities. Facilitator also gets to give the team an assessment from performance.


2.00pm,Activity 3(Minefield)

Everyone pairs up, and one person from each pair puts on the blindfold. The other person must lead their teammate from one side of the open space to the other without stepping on the objects — using only the verbal instructions. The blindfolded person cannot speak at all.

2.45pm,Activity 4(Yarn throw)

The first team member will say something nice about another team member and throw the ball of yarn to that team member, while holding onto a piece of the yarn. This continues around the circle, but the team members cannot throw the ball of yarn to the same person twice. At the end of the exercise, an entangled web remains from the yarn throwing. Use this web to discuss the bonds of the team.


Clients get to mingle and give overview of the day. Final activity to promote unity and emphasize lessons learnt for the day.


Clients leave venue and are dropped off at their destination

Additional Info

  • Duration : 1 Day
  • Availability : All year round
  • Price : $
  • Location : Nairobi, Kenya

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